Biotratar is the only eco-sustainable company in Costa Rica, specialized in the disposal of liquid waste; we work on two important areas in the national market.

1- Ordinary type water (Residual water from human activity).
2- Special type water (Residual water from industrial activity).
We use the latest in environmental technology, through water Biomediation no matter the working front we execute, we guarantee 95% purity in the final effluent.




We offer the services of design and construction as well as operation and maintenance of our projects. We also advise the implementation of projects in the handling of solid and liquid waste.


We are willing to take our technology to any regional country that wants to implement projects with alternative technologies.


We advise the training of communities that are willing to take action into environmental projects and the execution of activities for the rational handling of solid and liquid waste, as well as training in environmental education and implementation of productive projects in areas of fish farming and Hydroponics


Our technology is according to the latest developments worldwide in the Biomediation fitting into the scheme of the current biological systems for the residual and industrial water handling.


Our activity is defined by enviromental projects of mitigation and adaptation to climatic change, developing biological tratments of liquid wastes.